Bringing Discoveries to Commercialization

Collaborative Space for Entrepreneurs
The beautifully furnished open meeting space at ICBI fosters networking and collaboration among resident companies, scientists, investors and visitors.


Meeting Rooms and Conferencing Facilities
ICBI offers multiple conference rooms for companies, scientists, entrepreneurs, partners and investors. Conference rooms are equipped with state of the art internet access, audiovisual and video conferencing capabilities.

Office Space 
Private offices with wi-fi internet access are located on the same floor as the laboratory and collaborative space.

Research Laboratories
A major limiting factor for the development and commercialization of innovations originating in academia is the availability of infrastructure. ICBI research laboratories are designed so that the faculty founded start up company does not have to invest its critical resources for setting up a research laboratory. ICBI provides laboratory space with access to standard laboratory equipment. It provides an option to lease variable size of space for the desired duration. The laboratories are individually locked to provide secure and confidential research environment.


Common Research and Equipment Areas
In addition to the equipment residing in each lab, ICBI has additional common equipment and laboratory space for tissue culture work that is fully equipped with biological hoods, incubators, centrifuges, water baths, microscopes, cell counter etc. In addition, the facility is equipped with a large walk-in cold room, a microscopy room, a flow cytometry, scintillation counter and autoclave room.

Laboratory Equipment
A wide range of laboratory equipment commonly required for biomedical research are available at ICBI. These include, externally vented fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, refrigeration units, -20ºC and -80ºC freezers, CO2 and Isotemp incubators, a bacterial shaker incubator, autoclave, a TomTex harvester, Robbins Scientific hybridization incubator, pH meters, macro and micro balances, various sizes of water baths, vacuum oven, heating blocks, orbital and rocking shakers, hot/stirrer plates, vortex mixers, power supplies, tissue homogenizer, bath sonicator, Becton Dickinson FACS Calibur flow cytometer, Shimadzu gas chromatography, Shimadzu GC-MS, Shimadzu HPLC, Bio-Rad BioLogic DuoFlow chromatography, Applied Biosystems 7900 HT Fast Real-time PCR, Beckman LS 6000IC scintillation counter, Perkin Elmer luminescence counter, Shimadzu BioSpec 1601 spectrophotometer, Molecular Devices Lmax spectrophotometer, Stratagene UV Stratalinker 1800, Leica DMRB upright fluorescent microscope, Leica DMI 4000B inverted fluorescent scope, Leica Orthoplan 2 upright microscope, inverted, and dissecting microscopes for non-fluorescent work, Beckman table top temprature controlled centrifugesEppendorf refrigerated microcentrifuge and Beckman TL-100 ultracentrifuge.

Access to CTSI-Core Research Facilities  
In addition to the research facilities and equipment at ICBI, the close proximity to IUSM allows ICBI scientists to access the CTSI-Core facilities. These includes

Animal Facilities for Preclinical Research
Scientists at the ICBI have access to a state of the art animal facility for preclinical research. Located on the IU Health Methodist campus, the animal facility is AAALAC accredited and maintains an Assurance of Compliance from PHS/OLAW. The facility includes fully equipped surgical suites for large & small animals, an intensive care unit, and housing for a variety of animal species. Two dedicated rodent operating suites are available, each with an operating microscope and rodent anesthesia machine/ventilator. The lab employs a manager, an attending veterinarian, and 4 laboratory animal and/or veterinary technicians who are available to assist researchers with their project.

Office of Clinical Research – the Office of Clinical Research (OCR) serves to establish Indiana University, its strategic partner, IU Health and its other research collaborators as a premier enterprise for sponsored clinical trials. The mission of the OCR is to enhance the clinical research engagement process; streamline contracting for industry sponsored clinical trials; optimize budgeting and study support/facilitation processes; create an optimal environment and workforce for clinical research; increase clinical trial participation and the number of clinical trials across the enterprise, and engage key sponsors to enhance our partnerships

Other Resources

Indiana University School of Medicine
The Indiana University School of Medicine is a large research and education center that offers diverse scientific and clinical research expertise and capabilities. ICBI companies founded by IUSM faculty have access to basic science and clinical expertise of the faculty and the core research facilities at the campus on a fee for service basis. IU School of Medicine ReSEARCH Connect at IUSM enables researchers to identify areas of research, subject matter experts, publications, funding opportunities, and potential collaborators within the IUSM community. A list of all IUSM departments, centers, and institutes, as well as their research focus and associated faculty, can be found in the ReSEARCH Connect database.

Industry Collaboration Portal (ICP)
Industry Collaboration Portal catalyzes academic-industry partnerships and entrepreneurship by leveraging innovations, unique capabilities and synergies of Industry and IUSM. Learn more at our website. The searchable ICP database provides access to IUSM investigators their areas of research and expertise.

Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI)
The CTSI is a collaborative medical research initiative led by Indiana University, Purdue University, and the University of Notre Dame to implement new programs to accelerate translational research, train new translational researchers, interact with community health-care professionals and the public, build research resources and technologies, support Indiana University’s patient clinical trials, and leverage Hoosier resources with health care, business, government, and foundation partnerships. CTSI Website

IU Health
Indiana University Health (IU Health) is Indiana’s most comprehensive healthcare system. A unique partnership with Indiana University School of Medicine enables patients access to clinical trials on new therapies. IU Health

Indiana University Research Technology Corporation (IURTC)
 IURTC manages University’s intellectual property (IP) by helping innovators and potential licensees better understand the policies and the processes whereby IP can become an actual product or service.  IURTC