Bringing Discoveries to Commercialization
Technology ​Seminar, February 6, 2019

Technology ​Seminar, February 6, 2019

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

 Meso Scale Discovery

Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) is a global leader in the development, manufacture, and commercialization of innovative assays and instruments for the measurement of molecules in biological samples. MSD provides singleplex and multiplexed assays for neurodegenerative, metabolic inflammation, oncology, toxicology, cell signaling and a broad range of other disease focused biomarkers.


MSD Specialties:

Protein Quantification, Ultrasensitive Immunoassay, Biomarker Testing Service, Assays and Kits, Immunoassay Analyzers Equipment, Assay Development, Immunogenicity Testing, Custom Conjugation Services, Assay Analysis Software