ICBI Advisory Council Reviews First Round of Applications for Technology Enhancement Award

On February 5, 2016, the Advisory Council of Indiana Center for Biomedical Innovation (ICBI) participated in first meeting for review of research proposals from Indiana University School of Medicine entrepreneurs for the “Technology Enhancement Award (TEA). TEA is a new CTSI supported mechanism to support translation and commercialization of innovative technologies. The Advisory Council consisting of leaders and entrepreneurs in life sciences arena serves as an important resource for a wide range of scientific, technical, clinical, business, legal, regulatory and other guidance to the scientists associated with IUSM and ICBI.

Four new projects were presented by principle investigators including Drs. Milan Radovich, Alexander B. Niculescu, Yvonne Lai and Jian-Ting Zhang. The highly interactive two hour session provided valuable feedback and insight to the presenters on their respective project. The Advisory Council members include, Dr. Mervin Yoder, Dr. Eric Woods, Mr. Harry Gonso, Dr. Jaswant Gidda, Dr. Jeremy Schieler, Dr. Kenneth H Carlson, Dr. Mohan Tatikonda, Dr. Milan Radovich, Dr. Raymond Kauffman, Dr. Scott Sheehan, Mr. Chad Pannucci, Dr. Jeff Kline and Dr. Joseph Trebley, Dr. Viren Sarin, Dr. Todd Saxton, Mr. David Broeker and Dr. Alan Wright.

The outcome of the review and awardees will be announced on March 15, 2016.