2017 Translating Research into Practice Community Showcase

On Wednesday, November 1, 2017, several of IUPUI’S distinguished faculty scholars will showcase their translational research and illustrate how they improve people’s lives at the IUPUI TRIP Community Showcase in the IUPUI Campus Center. These scholars have partnered with community members and others to translate their research into viable practices that improve our communities.

Mark Kelley, the 2017 Bantz-Petronio TRIP Faculty Award Recipient will present “Exploiting basic science discoveries for targeted disease therapy: The roller coaster ride of drug development” highlighting his translational research.

Bonnie Blazer-Yost – Science

Lisa Carter-Harris – Nursing

Laura Littlepage – Public and Environmental Affairs

Gerardo Maupome – Dentistry

Christie Orschell – Medicine

Ukamaka Oruche – Nursing

Sandra Petronio – Liberal Arts

Brad Ray – Public and Environmental Affairs

Dennis Watson – Public Health

Link to TRIP Showcase